How To Find Tamiflu Side Effects

Important Safety Information


Tamiflu is a prescription medicine used to treat the flu (influenza) in people 2 weeks of age and older who have had flu symptoms for no more than 2 days. Tamiflu can also reduce the chance of etting the flu in people 1 year and older.  Tamiflu does not prevent bacterial infections that may happen with the flu.  Tamiflu is not a substitute for an annual flu vaccination.  Do not take if you are allergic to oseltamivir phosphate or any of the ingredients in Tamiflu.  Important Safety Information

How to Beat Addiction to medicine

If you have an allergic reaction or a severe rash with the drug, stop taking it, and contact your doctor right away. This may be very serious.
People with the flu, particularly children and adolescents, may be at an increased risk of seizure, confusion, or abnormal behavior early during their illness.
Let your doctor know if you are pregnant, nursing, have heart problems, breathing problems, a weakened immune system (immunocompromised), kidney problems or other medical conditions as it may not be right for you.  Also tell your doctor about any medications you are taking or if you’ve received a nasal-spray flu vaccine in the past two weeks.  The most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain.

There are two ways to abuse a prescription medication

The first is obvious – taking the medication when you don’t have a prescription. Any time an individual exposes themselves to an addictive medication for recreational purposes, they are allowing themselves to develop a tolerance to the drug. The second way that highly addictive prescription drugs are abused may be more subtle, for instance:

Consuming the drugs more frequently than prescribed because pain has returned
Consuming more of the drugs than prescribed at any given time because the pain feels “more intense”
Giving drugs to someone who has similar or identical symptoms to “save a trip to the doctor’s office”
Taking the medication in a form other than the original (e.g., crushing and dissolving tablets rather than taking them orally and whole as intended)

The Tamiflu Pill And Warnings

The Tamiflu Pill And Warnings

No one decides to get addicted to prescription pain pills

Alienating family and friends, failing at work, and launching a small-time criminal career aren’t what anyone plans on when they swallow their first Vicodin.

One in five Americans report misusing a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime, but the overwhelming majority put the pills away with no lasting harm. So how does prescription painkiller
abuse progress to full-blown opioid addiction?  and prolonged drug abuse likely creates further chemical changes

Please see the Tamiflu full Prescription Information for complete important safety information.

Tamiflu is not known to have any addiction symptoms, however, a person that is already using drugs, may want to be cautious when adding Tamiflu as a flu treatment.

You are encouraged to report side effects to Genentech by calling 1-888-835-2555 or to the FDA by visiting or calling 1-800-FDA-1088.

Addiction to medicine and the cures